vendredi, mars 24, 2006

Beating Them Down Milwaukee Style

I think Charlie Sykes asked a really good question in his posting about the latest fatal beating in Milwaukee: "What makes Milwaukee different?" (with respect to poverty not equaling savagery)

Milwaukee puts up with it and frankly, is too scared to do anything about it.

People in the city understand repercussions and mentally block out the incidents as they happen. I don't think these occurrences even register in their memory, on purpose. This Stop Snitching crap has exacerbated it and turned up the volume on a culture of intimidation. It was bad when I was in High School in the city, but it's leagues worse now.

There were fights on a daily basis when I was in high school in the late 80's. Inside and outside the building. Fights are loud, fast, and cover a lot of space. You don't miss fights because you have to get out of their way. People know. Whether they choose to see is another story.

But what's worse than not snitching, is snitching and having it fall on deaf ears of school administrators. The reaction and message to me at the time was, "don't be like that". Things are different here and you don't understand.

The only thing I can think of that makes Milwaukee different is that for whatever reason - when it comes to these mob beatings - nobody wants to touch it or get involved on any level unless it involves crowing in front of a camera. As a result these lawless hoods are totally emboldened.

We all need to be worried about this. Just because it's in the central city does not mean that everyone else is separated or somehow insulated from it. It doesn't matter where a trend starts, the problem is that this trend started, and is gaining strength. I fear that soon the term "beat down Milwaukee style" will become part of the country's vernacular.

It won't stay where it is. So everyone, regardless of where they live and where they're coming from, needs to do something when things happen. You might have to put your life on the line to do it. But NOT doing the right thing costs lives and relinquishes control to the wrong community owners. And believe me, they own it.


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