jeudi, mars 23, 2006

Faire l'Autruche, Dominique....

Isn't rioting fun? Le Coq Reviennent....home to roost. This is directly the fault of too much government regulation and the bunch of babies it creates.

Mon Dieu get over it. In the end, all your tax dollars and benefits are going to be spent on cleanup. Every time I have been to Paris, there has been either a major strike or riot. It's not cool anymore. Good thing you don't have hurricanes there.

Cher France, Cher Dominique De Villepin, it's time for you to start explaining simple economics to your people. The way we work will never be the same, and - news flash - it changed a long time ago. You cannot mandate things that don't work and expect them to work simply because... you think they ought to. However, you clearly have to sit the kids down and explain how jobs work, how employment works, and that companies aren't just heartless, bottomless pits of cash.

At some point and very soon, France will have to choose between their ideals and their economy. Hint - one of them is reality....

Et puis, un p'tit jaune....


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