vendredi, mars 31, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things - In Milwaukee

Since I'm up for the MKE Online Blog of the Week thingy I figured I'd give a few honorable mentions... some of my favorite things here in Milwaukee. This is of course by no means totally inclusive but with spring and summer upon us, it's time to get out!

The Lakefront. There is nothing I love more than our lakefront. Inline skating, running the paths or running the stairs... chillin' out with friends... or catching an iced tea at Alterra. It's our playground and if you don't take advantage of it, I can assure you that you're missing one of our best features. Oh don't forget sunrise from the view of one of the surrounding hills.

Jazz in the Park. JITP is for everyone. Heck I take my 86 year old grandma to Jazz. You can mill about or grab a blanket and have some QT with friends or the one you love. It's nice to get out on a Thursday night during the summer especially if you work a lot of hours and burn the candle at both ends. Don't forget, you're living!

Speed Queen BBQ. Located on about 10th and Walnut (I am usually not sober when I go, sorry) Speed queen is unbelievable, it just melts in your mouth and is best shared with a friend. I recommend the outer shoulder dinner.

Cubanitas. Feels nothing like Milwaukee, in a good way. Follow that up with late night dancing at Club Havana (after 11:00 is when the place is hoppin).

Massage Therapist Peter Rogers. I don't know if Peter's the best, but if I need to get unwound there is nobody else who's worth the scree. Regardless of how stressed out or achey I am, Peter gets the job done. He's at Goodyear Chiropractic.

Brewer's Hill. A must see.... drive around for a little while and look at all the gorgeous homes. Hmmm... I may do a posting of my recommended house tours of Milwaukee....

Riverview Antique Center. 175 S Water St. It's new and very well laid out - not a lot of "crap" or the garbage that you sometimes see in Antique Shops (you know, "Avoid the Noid" pins or Happy Meal toys). Also a large selection of vintage clothing. It's a real treat.

Black Bear Soda. I hope they still sell them in glass bottles. I make a Black Bear run from time to time and I love it :)

There are zillions of other little out of the way things I love, too. But I thought I'd start with these. Enjoy!


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