samedi, avril 08, 2006

Don't Trifle, Brett

He's not even worth the bandwidth anymore. Overstaying your welcome is one thing. Going out on top is also one thing. But overstaying your welcome to go out on top is quite another. That didn't exactly make sense but I'm sure you get the spirit of what I'm saying.

Our days with Brett are over. He is now snug as a bug in history. Let's face it, Brett's done playing.

But why he pulled that stunt Saturday morning is beyond me. He wouldn't save major news for a slow news day. Brett needs more than that, and he wants more than that. Why would he cry wolf??? What's the point in tiring us out over him?

I'll be honest I don't know how CEOs and major sports stars with families maintain their position and keep it all together. And when you've lived through as many personal setbacks as Brett has over the years he's been with us, it's hard to imagine how he's found the endurance to keep going. And maintain his focus. Brett is like the rest of us - regardless of what it is that we do best - we go through phases where we just can't focus. I'm losing focus even as I write this. Probably because deep down I know Brett's best days and days with us are altogether, over.

He just needs to say it. But I won't be waiting.


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