samedi, avril 29, 2006

Mark Greene

Mark Greene was in Franklin today as many of you know. I went. The main purpose of his visit was to talk about sex offenders and protecting children. At first I figured he was playing to the audience, but I was wrong. He's very involved in this issue and I am extremely encouraged by how much he understands what's going on and what we as a society are up against.

He talked about many of the stumbling blocks to keeping these heinous criminals out of our communities. I was surprised to hear that across the country there is a backlog of about 350,000 unprocessed rape kits sitting in state crime labs.

There is also a law in congress (I believe it's congress) to make offender data and evidence available and applicable to the court systems in all 50 states. This means that if an offender from Illinois commits a crime here, that the data/evidence/charges in the IL legal system would be admissible in court here in Wisconsin. Know what? There is a representative somewhere who has an anonymous "hold" on this legislation, meaning it cannot be expedited. I'm going to find out more information about this. My stomach turned when I heard this.

He also talked about GPS tracking and that he would pass it. That's fine, and good, but it's not enough. There is only one answer to dealing with sex offenders and that's to separate them from all of us. Lock them up forever, we have no use for them. All that happens is that the rest of us have to rearrange our lives so that they can have civil liberties. So that they can trawl among us and use the internet. Hell with that.

I have a better answer on what to do with them but it's probably not appropriate to post it. I will only state that this is an issue that makes me extremely angry and for very good reasons.

Mark talked about his views on what to do about the DMV, the DNR (as my Pa calls them, "The Real Terrorists"), education and a few other items. He didn't get too specific on ethanol, which I had hoped someone might take him to task on it. Many of his responses were standard and reflect what he's said in the past. I would like to see him speak again sometime in a room where the topic is centered on the rest of his approach to serving as governor, and to hear more debate.

And....Mr. Greene didn't say peep about TPA...



Blogger Steveo said...

I'm sorry we didn't meet at the event. Maybe next time.

The only disappointment for me was the length of Congressman Green's answers. We could have heard about ethanol and TPA were the answers to questions about 75% shorter.

But as I said at the beginning: I don't EVER recall a candidate much less sitting Governor visiting Franklin. I view Green's visit as a positive sign.

We have invited Governor Doyle on many occasions and for some reason he never seems to show up!

Perhaps he's afraid of the questions he'd be asked!

9:05 PM, avril 29, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by.

I agree that some of the responses went on. Although I think he provided a lot of information for the audience especially where the connection of laws, community, and government are concerned. From an outsider's view it seemed like these were welcome words to a community that is feeling somewhat helpless against the laws we have.

I think it's a testament to Greene's character to come to Franklin and speak very plainly and genuinely to the audience about this and peripheral issues. To your point about Doyle, he would never be able to connect with the community on this or any issue. When I think about it, there was nothing in it for Greene to do this... which if you ask me... would have been a prerequisite for Doyle

Afraid? I'm afraid so!!

You asked some very good questions today, good job on bringing Greene in. It would be nice to see him come back to Franklin.

10:36 PM, avril 29, 2006  
Blogger Steveo said...

You mention that you think that Franklin feels "helpless" against the laws that we have. I'm not sure that it's helpless more than disbelief. There was a comment by Congressman Green that the State doesn't know who they're messing with when they mess with Franklin. He's absolutely right. But rather than just be negative or obstructionist, we continue to show that we look for solutions. We get blocked at every turn, but we still provide solutions.

We also find the problems. Look for more news out of Franklin as we continue to protect our children and neighborhoods from the State's effort to place a herd of sex predators in our community.

Not only are the inmates running the asylum but many of them belong as inmates.

11:55 AM, avril 30, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Very, very, very well put, Steve!

1:38 PM, avril 30, 2006  
Blogger Pasta2000 said...

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8:15 AM, mai 12, 2006  

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