jeudi, avril 20, 2006

Put A Sock In It

Sometimes I would love to walk around with a big ass tube sock. At my folks' house we have one drawer that's full of single socks - all from the 70's - and I have the perfect use for them.

I think I'm going to stick them all in my backpack and stuff them in the mouths of people who should just shut up. Mini McGee, Steven Avery, and Dassey's little dog his attorney, too. Maybe I would have to settle for photoshopping a sock into their mouths, which wouldn't be nearly as satisfying, but the visual would take the edge off.

I heard this on the news this evening:

"Dassey's lawyer argues the teenager was coerced by police into making the confession.

He claims investigators promised they would help his client if he gave a detailed account of the crime, and it would be okay even if he participated in the murder."

Now I recognize that a criminal attorney is an entirely different species from other attorneys. That disclaimer said, I have a hard time understanding how these things can be uttered and worse, how they can be believed or confidently backed up by the utterer.

If I was the judge and this "person" said this in my court, you'd see the equivalent of a baseball coach getting thrown out of the game.

They would not leave my court without a sock in it.

This attorney should be ashamed of themselves. Dassey, although a criminal, apparently has a conscience and couldn't live with what he knew any longer. Coerced or not, he'd have made the confession. Unlike his uncle, who is 50 miles due west of Denial.

How this attorney could have said such a thing is beyond my understanding of my fellow man.

UPDATE!!!! YES! Russ SHOULD put a sock in it!!!


Blogger Nick said...

Although old socks... hopefully they're clean. Otherwise I think that would amount to cruel and unusual punishment.

1:11 PM, avril 21, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

The ones in the drawer are clean but since these are cruel and unusual people, shouldn't we use cruel and unusual socks??? :)

10:05 PM, avril 21, 2006  

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