jeudi, avril 27, 2006

Q-Tips ARE For Your Ears!

Seen and heard on the iPod...

(Let me say something, I'm gonna marry my video iPod. It's got 30 gigs so it'll never fill up which means it can satisfy me although I don't know if I could satisfy IT. All I have to do like any man is feed it, give it compliments i.e. new songs, plug it in from time to time, and it's happy. Why can't everything be such an equitable relationship?? And it looks good, too. We are happily seen together and I don't have to deal with any judgements such as "what's she doing with ____.")

Alright. Q-Tips ARE for your ears! And the Tribe Called Quest Anthology is, too. I love Q-tip, he has a unique voice, command in his delivery, and he is a Vivrant Thing!


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