jeudi, avril 06, 2006

That Cuba Sticker Might Have To Come Off My Car

Today I was driving from work to the club to work out. After all I was "off" for two days. I turned south on 74th from Lloyd Street and noticed something very strange. There was a red Explorer rolling toward me on my side of the street. What?

So I got closer and I could see this Explorer was tailing a teenage girl who appeared to be walking home from Tosa East. As I approached, the driver of the Explorer made no attempt to get over to HIS side of the road. In fact, he didn't even appear to flinch. The girl has her head up in the air and appears to be shutting out whatever is being said to her.

I slowed down as I passed the Explorer. All the windows were rolled down halfway and I could see there were about six passengers. Now I am about to tell you what really made me uncomfortable.

As I looked at them - trying to show them that I see something wrong here - I notice that the passengers have slightly tilted their faces down... and covered their faces with one hand. All of them.

I was a little nauseated right on the spot.

I didn't continue at a normal speed. I moved at a slower speed but did not stop. I could not see the plate because I didn't have my glasses on. They followed her for about another block. So I called the Tosa Police and reported everything I saw just in case they were looking for an SUV full of fools who should be in a Paddy Wagon.

Drug dealers? I don't know. They were a bunch of cowards so it's possible. I was scared they would snatch her up. They sped off by the time they got to Lloyd street.

So if you live over there and see this crap going on, get their plates. There is no good that comes of people who cover their faces when confronted.

I'm sure they were aware of me but since they covered their faces like cowards they probably didn't get a look at me. But when you turn your empty head around and see a Cuba sticker on the car that passed you, you're marked.


Blogger JAF said...

I'm sure that they feel like that they are the ones that are marked. Paranoia is a powerful feeling.

7:17 PM, avril 07, 2006  
Blogger sliverthetomcat said...

Keep the sticker on. Buy a shotgun.

8:37 PM, avril 07, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Pook I'm with you... like I always say: at 80 we're gonna be on our porches with rocking chairs. I'll have the shotgun and the dirty Yorkshire Terrier, and you can be the Cat Lady!

We'll be without social security but maybe Fourbucks will be subsidized :)

8:44 PM, avril 07, 2006  
Blogger Patrick said...

It would be a good thing if more people paid attention to the things around them. Maybe if you were around 53 & Hampton three weeks ago, we would know what happened to those two boys.

2:32 PM, avril 09, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

So very agreed Patrick, I actually remember when more people were. Honestly I vacillated for a moment because I didn't have a plate number or evidence of a crime, which I was sure they'd ask me for. But a few days later now and I'm happy I did, at least they are aware of the activity near a school.

6:28 AM, avril 10, 2006  
Anonymous Sara O. said...

Ooh, excellent post! I'll pass it along to my roommate, too. Since we live and work (well, she does) and play in that area! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go look out our window and make sure my Civic is still parked out there...

10:37 PM, avril 10, 2006  

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