samedi, mai 27, 2006

Bloggin' From The Porch

What could ruin such a lovely moment? Late afternoon on the porch, sheryl crow cowboy hat and iced darjeeling tea and all?

My stupid neighbors.

For the record, I only have one set of stupid neighbors.

A long time ago my pa made a statement about our neighbor's dog: Mental Dogs Have Mental Owners".

I can't agree more. Many afternoons/evenings in the living room or on the porch have been interrupted by...

Repeat 30x

Repeat about 15x

Once in a great while....

"Bud-dee" started walking off this afternoon, and I sat here patiently watching him stroll down the street, piddling anywhere possible. He wasn't moving fast enough. I wanted to see Bud-dee just keep moving. Then she came out of the house, the 13 year old. She discovered this. normal fashion, stood at her stoop and yelled and yelled and yelled to him.

She walked toward him and must have followed him around the block, leashless. The girl made it back to the house first where she sat her lazy ass on the stoop and called to him. Then, the crowning jewel: "Mom, Buddy won't come here".

No wonder this woman is unmarried with kids.

Now they've all taken off in the van and left the girl's bike out front. At 4:30. any minute now, I will be witness again to another incident, kids strolling by and strolling off with the bike. Hope they take their dog Buddy, too.


Anonymous Anonyme said...

You could have my neighbors. If I have time I will blog later today about my experience with the A$$hole next door

2:25 PM, mai 28, 2006  

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