lundi, mai 01, 2006

Day Without Enablers


The mayor and Wisconsin senators will appear at today's Day without immigrants rally at the lakefront. Does anyone else...kinda see a problem with this???

Why the (honk) wouldn't they be advocating policy change so that it's somehow easier to come here legally??? I mean if you think America is so great (and it IS) that you want to be an elected representative here, why aren't you fighting to protect the integrity of the system?

Perhaps I should knock Barrett's door on the way in to work. Nice and early.


Blogger Casper said...

So, in spite of a good deal of anger by their legally voting constituency, they're ignoring what we have to say and supporting illegal immigrants.

I think a list of all those politicians attending this rally and showing their support should be compiled. Then, when election time comes, we remember how good a job they did "listening" to those they represent.

9:57 AM, mai 01, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

So is that what we have to do to get a little respect around here? Make a lot of noise and have a parade??

Think they got a permit to hold this at Vet's park?

1:09 PM, mai 01, 2006  
Blogger Casper said...

I was out for a walk this morning checking out if a certain downtown ethnic restaurant was open.

While on my walk someone pulled up and asked for directions to Vet's park.

They should be somewhere around LaCrosse by now.

3:56 PM, mai 01, 2006  

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