mercredi, mai 10, 2006

Don't Hate on '08

Brian Fraley has a nice discussion going on '08 candidates. I have feelings here and there about some of the would-be candidates but nothing in particular yet.

I just know what I don't want and that's no way to want.

What I wrote is that I'd prefer a Slade Gorton to a John McCain.

Although the political landscape has changed so significantly that people with good decision making skills and penchant for policy can no longer simply go to Washington to do their job. We are now rife with grandstanding and popularity contests. Washington is now little more than a reflection of Reality TV and the Red Carpet.

I would like to believe we are not doomed, but I do, in a sense, think it's high time to 'throw the bums out' again. None of the interests they are listening to our OUR interests. They're all just having a massive hookup with lobbyists, fringe interest groups, lawyers, Hollywood, and people who have no real concept of what issues really are and what they mean to America or what it stands for. We and they have listened to too many people who have led us astray and we need to remember who America is.

So I'm going to try to avoid hating on 08. But if anyone wants my attention now, they better start laying down the law on what's going to be tolerated on election day. I don't want to hear any of this bullshit about disenfranchising people when I haven't heard the latest grandstand about how we're fixing the system. If I've missed it, say so.

I'll stop now because politics IS the new crack cocaine and I am apparently on a bender!!!


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