dimanche, mai 28, 2006

The Dope Man's Toaster Oven

I'm just sayin. I have come to start calling these the Dope Man's Toaster Oven.

The DMTO must be the way you know you've made it in dopedealerdom, because this shit isn't cheap. I can't imagine how they can pay for this and still have money left over for anything else. Winners of the Dope Man's Toaster Oven must really have hit their sales and/or recruiting targets.

These are bad examples of what I'm talking about. I'll get some real ones. You know, with really shitty orange-skin paint jobs or wavy compound with high gloss finishes. Teal or Robin's Egg Blue. Or Velvet Purple.

When I see a real classic defiled, I have to avert my eyes. It's just too much for me to take.


Blogger Billiam said...

I have to agree. A classic should not be defiled. There's a guy up here with more money than brains. He put those skinny tires on spinner rims on a Hummer H2. Worthless.

4:33 AM, mai 29, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

I have a lot less of a problem with brand new cars being pimped up (although I still think it looks stupid), it's just when history gets modified....you can't replace those. Must they????

7:45 PM, mai 29, 2006  

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