mardi, mai 23, 2006

So Can It Help Keep Business In the City?

Badger Mutual is paying for 16 surveillance cameras to be mounted along National Avenue between 16th and 27th streets.

So is it an investment in the community, or is it their way of trying to keep their headquarters in the city? And if it's the former, will it produce any safer of a community?

I'm not so sure it'll stop crime. It'll move it "inland" to the side streets, possibly, but I think there is only one thing criminals understand, and that's force. Ever dealt with a criminal? I'm talking about people who commit the types of crimes they want to surveil: prostitution, drug dealing, pandhandling, and intimidating people. These types of criminals are desperate and they aren't thinking about what they're doing. A camera isn't something that's going deter them - they won't make the connection between camera/gonna getcha. So what does that leave us? Footage of crimes.


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