jeudi, mai 25, 2006

This IS Thriller!!!!


(I couldn't resist, sorry, bad joke...)

Mini, Mini, Mini McGee. Okay first question, why, to begin with, did From Whence It Came* see it necessary to change his maiden name, and that of his son?

Does junior now detest being called Mini McGee....can't handle it, and instead of handling it wants to change his name?

Or do the many charges against him - as noted on CCAP - in the name of Mini McGee amount to too much? So now he won't DBA McGee?

Because one thing is for sure, going Jackson isn't a step in a more "black direction".

One thing I heard this morning that was an embarassment to the Early Spin, was a caller who posed the question "What's the name of Janet Jackson's odd alter ego". For one, it's not her alter ego, it's her damn middle name. And it's not Demitra Jo, it's Damita Jo. Bad for the Early Spin to just immediately respond that "the whole family is weird" after hearing this guy's incorrect comment!

* Sr. McGee


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