vendredi, mai 05, 2006

Yes, Of Course He Has A Problem

....his problem is that he is a Kennedy.

And he's cursed with having people around him and related to him who are concerned about power. The capitol police, the party powers that be, The Family itself, and probably many other interests that we know nothing about.

It's not who Patrick Kennedy is, it's the leverage he represents. It's the people who have a vested interest in his very existence.

Everyone around him made some disturbing decisions that night and I'm glad we're seeing all of this in the light of day. How ironic it is that over the past x amount of weeks we've been defending the Capitol police over the McKinney incident (and rightfully so, because the officer was doing his job), only to have the rank of the CP demonstrate lawless behavior that goes against the actions of the file, who are only trying to do their jobs.

Kennedy himself gets no sympathy from me. It's a shame he's addicted to substances and has emotional problems, and it's a shame he was born into the Kennedy family. But his life is still his.

Mr. Kennedy, if you want to declare your problems as a first step to getting help, do it in front of the mirror. By doing so in front of the rest of us you aren't facing anything or doing anything heroic or honorable. You're just looking for a pat on the back and the attention to further divert you from dealing with your problems.


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