dimanche, juin 04, 2006

The Gift of Life

I would like to echo Patrick's thoughts on Organ Donation, especially with the timing of Kevin's father's heart transplant surgery on Sunday.

The thought of making the committment to do this doesn't necessarily register in the mind of a healthy person. We think about our bills, our worries, the price of gas. Sometimes I say "I don't know what I don't know", and it's very true in a situation like this....where I've never been faced with that type of need for myself or for a loved one.

I wouldn't try to sway anyone's decision because it's not a simple one. I'd like to be here and live the gift of life as long as humanly (and healthily) as possible. But if for any reason that changes, I would like to give the gift of hope and life.

Just one more thought...it's amazing how some things come into your life in clusters. A few days before meeting Kevin a friend of mine told me about how he is taking care of a loved one who suddenly became very ill, and it turns out, has kidney failure. This person was also placed on an organ waiting list. I think it's fascinating how life will time and coincide different subjects and issues and present them to you. I just felt kind of compelled to write about it.


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