lundi, juin 12, 2006

Looks More Like an Art Bell Convention

These are the people at the DailyKos convention... in tin foil hats.

Check out this gem from this article:

“It’s to stop THEM from frying our brains,” said Lisa Schiff, who writes a regular blog — or web log — under the name of “Crkrjx”. She explained that the tin foil helmets were an “elaborate joke on the much-despised mainstream media”. She said: “Everyone thinks that because we are on the Left we must be conspiracy theorists, even though we have some pretty good ideas.

“I mean,” she added with a sly smile, “look at my hat. I’ve given it a receptor aerial so that it can pick up the truth.”

(“It’s to stop THEM from frying our brains" - Lisa, it might already be a lost cause...)


Blogger Scott D. Feldstein said...

I prefer tinfoil underwear. After all, it's not my brain that a lot of righties are trying to control! :)

9:48 AM, juin 12, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Well Scott, I'd advise staying on the right side of the law then.

Because if they ever give you the chair, man, that'll be worse!!!

9:58 AM, juin 12, 2006  

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