vendredi, juin 16, 2006

People Who Don't Know How To Deal With People

I have heard a lot of accounts of kids fighting in MPS schools or beating up other kids, and the teachers not doing anything about it. I've heard more accounts than I am comfortable with.

Tonight Fox 6 had a story about a woman named Tammy Hill whose son is being bullied at Urban Waldorf school. As a parent should be, she went in to talk with school administrators. Note: this is good parenting. You care about your child's safety, welfare, and dammit... their education.

Ms. Hill is a black woman, who is trying to send her child Aaron to a good school - given the choices within the MPS system.

She is trying to do right. Be a good parent. Show her son that she will protect him - and give him a good education.

They told her they were tired of her.

What school can, in good conscience, condone threats and bullying??? And before you answer with "oh, they don't condone it," take into consideration that the intent or "caring" and taking care of the problem are mutually exclusive. Caring alone doesn't do it. Taking care of the problem does two things - it shows you care by taking care of the problem.

Are they afraid of the kids? Afraid of the parents who don't care about their bully kids, but only care if the teachers bother their bully kids by holding them responsible for their behavior?

What a bunch of f'ing chickens. You snobby do-gooder Waldorf administrators have no business teaching anyone anything. Right now you're teaching your students and their parents where your values are: in protecting your own chicken asses. High Standards Start Here is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. We all can see what you're about: yourselves and your own butts. We also know what you're not about: integrity.


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