mercredi, juin 21, 2006

Stick a Fork in Us...

....because we're done.

Unless we do something very very different, quickly.

I'm talking about the county pension problems. There really is only one answer to this situation, and it's not that different from the good old days when we didn't have the option to borrow our way out of every problem.

We simply have to stop the outflow of cash.

The pension provisions have to be rewritten, there is no other answer. It's a mistake, and it has to be corrected. It's too bad that the employees' expectations were raised to unreasonable levels, but it has to happen. Really, there is a market value for the pensions and years of service and pay level and that's what they have to get. A reasonable pension can still be made possible for all.

But this should have happened immediately. Walker should have said, hey people, I'm really sorry, but before you get used to the idea of this type of package, we have to change it. We have to correct these accounting errors (albeit by intent) for the good of all.

Really think about that. Think about what a stink that would cause. But consider these points:

- There are less of them than there are of us.
- There will be a major stink, but it will die down

If we don't do it, and quickly, here is a sample of the consequences:

- Taxpaying citizens leaving the city
- The city rotting even further
- No base to pay for anything
- Future pundits looking back on us and saying, Milwaukee should have done the right thing. This might not have happened otherwise.

And what's "This"?

A terrible mess that will never recover. Socially, economically, culturally.

None of us should be forced to pay for this crime, and make no mistake, it's a crime.

It's no different from any corporate white-collar crime. It's just on a larger, more diluted scale among people who have a large stake in the crime and will defend it to the teeth. But because it's government, it's being swept under the rug. Really think about the same situation or equivalent at a corporate level. There would be hell to pay.

C'mon Walker, Tosa Ranger, be a hero. Make my day. You have my support to do it.


Blogger elliot said...

Amen sister!

11:25 AM, juin 22, 2006  
Blogger grumps said...

You might also call it "Throwing the high, hard one to loyal employees who had bargained in good faith."

Do you think your government is no better than United Airlines, for cryin' out loud?

3:49 PM, juin 28, 2006  

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