lundi, juillet 17, 2006

Go Theotis

Theotis Tate was at the movies the other night, and some would-be thieves were trying to break into his vehicle for his daughter's purse, which contained crayons.

His car is almost entirely shatterproof and bulletproof.

So's Theotis. He ran the guys down apparently. He never lost sight of the crooks. They were apprehended by Holy Hill. I went to high school with Theotis. I'm not surprised one bit that he took care of it, with gusto, with his good attitude. Go Theotis.


Blogger Scott D. Feldstein said...

Right on.

11:17 PM, juillet 17, 2006  
Anonymous triticale said...

I was test-driving cellular signal around Holy Hill today (coverage is, of course, bad) and am particularly impressed that he kept the alleged perps in sight on those roads.

12:25 AM, juillet 22, 2006  

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