samedi, juillet 29, 2006

It's Summer. Of Course It's Hot!

You know, the only people that seem to be surprised that it's hot out are the media. Seriously. Take a look at this JS Online story.
"People in those other cities can't believe we're worked up about today's projected 90-degree highs."

Who do you know that is "worked up" about this? Seriously?? It should read:

"People in this city can't believe JS reporters are worked up about today's projected 90-degree highs"

And really, these people in 110 degree heat are hot. The last thing they're worried about is how "worked up" anyone is.


Blogger Kate said...

I'm surprised TMJ hasn't had those "warnings" like they do for storms, taking up 2/3 of the screen. As a Texan... I can tell ya... this ain't hot! :)

11:33 PM, juillet 29, 2006  

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