jeudi, juillet 20, 2006

Just in case you were wondering

Because I know like, two of you were...

I am now a proud subscriber of Bloglines. If you've seen me outclicking to your site, rest assured, I'm now aware of what you post and when you posted it!

In other words, I'm still reading your ass. I'm an ass reader.


Blogger Nick said...

Right now I use RSS Bandit which is a desktop based (not web based) reader. I tried switching to Bloglines several months ago but gave up on it because it kept telling me that blogs that weren't updated were updated. I found it too annoying. Maybe they've fixed that bug... but I haven't tried since. I've also tried Google Reader, but find the lack of the "mark all as read" feature more than I can take.

I really want to find a good web based reader so I can have my feeds anywhere, but until I do... it's RSS Bandit for me.

10:01 AM, juillet 21, 2006  

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