lundi, juillet 10, 2006

Sure, What The Heck....

Yeah there are a lot of ways to stretch and resize and shrink or grow Glenn Grothman's decision (yes, it is) to run against Uncle Herb. Normally I am a perfectionist but on this one, no qualms on my part.

I think Glenn should go for it.

At some point, someone will have to do it.

While I'm not for political experimentation or hot air balloons or sticking the proverbial finger into the wind, I think this is a great idea. I don't have to say it, but Herb's seat is considered a given, untouchable. Running Glenn against him - and for real... not for the sake of a fart contest or anything - will bring some important elements out of the woodwork:
  • First, the tin hat/Art Bell Zone (I'll be camped out on the curb with fold up chairs and coronas with limes to watch this)
  • A call for action in Wisconsin that we aren't a shoo-in for a liberal vote
  • That Wisconsin is serious about its representation and the moonbat fringe will have to expend their resources here
  • It'll point out IF Herb Kohl is made of anything at all. When is the last time anyone heard Nobody's Senator have to defend his position? His voting record? His one stupid idea and piece de resistance - boycotting OPEC?
  • Create momentum for the party and a place for the new, young, agressive conservative movement to rally.
  • Let Sir Robin make an ass of himself. It'll be entertaining. Pull up another chair and another drink.
  • Worst case scenario if we don't win, we'll see Herb's weaknesses and what Wisconsin wants in a challenger. Because really when was the last time we had any kind of opportunity to find out what people want out of their representation? It hasn't happened. It should.
  • Demonstrate that this is no time in history to have a Nobody senator. We are facing critical issues as a nation, a people, a world. It's our duty to make the best use of our representation.
And frankly, I'm not content to wait until "it's time". I'm tired of putting up with things. I'm tired of "this is the way it is, Herb wins, Herb's too rich". Wealth and fear of failure aren't reasons to allow someone to sit in a very important seat.


Blogger Kate said...

I like the way you think! :)

11:21 PM, juillet 10, 2006  
Blogger Nick said...

The most important part is that Kohl might actually have to defend decisions he's made while in office... instead of just airing his usual "nobody's Senator but yours" propaganda.

8:28 AM, juillet 11, 2006  

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