mardi, juillet 04, 2006

Their Ungrateful Asses Will Be Dead Soon

I can only hope, but as I mentioned, new age fasting isn't fasting.

The "stars are aligning" for a hunger strike to bring the troops home. Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, and other sissies I've never heard of.

But get this: They are doing a "rolling fast". Know what that is? Each of these nincompoops will fast for 24 hours and then "hand it over" to another star so they can fast for 24 hours. Oh, the agony, the torture, the brain cells.

Please, stop it. We can see it's a publicity stunt. All you Hollywooders forget something - the great unwashed are pretty much educated nowadays. Which is more than I can say for Hollywood, of which the majority never finished high school.


Blogger Nick said...

Hell... even I have gone 24 hours without eating. What a bunch of wusses.

11:38 AM, juillet 04, 2006  
Blogger Billiam said...

I supported Cindy and the nitwits the other day. Me and my pal Wizard went to China Buffet and pigged out!

7:42 AM, juillet 06, 2006  

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