dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

THIS is What the Safety Net Is Supposed To Do

Not pay people to have babies. Not to overpay unionized government workers. Not toward reparations. Not for groups who only mismanage government funds. And it's sure the hell not for OIC officials to send cell phones to Nigeria.

It's to look after our most vulnerable.

Politicians and other groups have bowed to the pressure of people who think they are "entitled" to benefits when they are perfectly able to fend for themselves. They've sucked up all the money they can bitch and whine and "advocate" for, and meanwhile, there are people who can't do things for themselves because they are either mentally or physically handicapped and sometimes without familial support.

The JS has an interesting piece today on this. I don't know if all the facts are there, since it's the JS, but I know that the premise of the article is true.

Not surprisingly, Lee Holloway and his lovely wife Lynda (who takes the rap for this on CCAP, because her husband is an upstanding, community oriented, unfairly treated public official and can't have his name soiled) are complicit in this report by the JS.

I hope all those perfectly able bodied folks are happy with their misspent funds. Hope you have all the wildwood soda and weekly-filled nails and fake handbags and crack your little heart desires.


Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Misappropriated funds and spending in a corrupt government will continue as long as a politician/salesman/lawyer/shyster etc. are there to take advantage of another and convince him/her/them etc. why it's important to blindly hand over hard earned cold cash. Unfortunately, I have come to accept it. On the plus side, if we can find a way to get more people like Scott Walker into office, these problems may subside just a bit. Key word, subside. They will NEVER disappear.

11:44 AM, juillet 13, 2006  

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