mercredi, juillet 26, 2006

Well That Was Interesting

Fox 6 had an interesting report tonight about the sludge in the lake. They had very little mention of the infestation of Quagga mussels as an actual problem. Quaggas filter organisms out of the water that normally make the water cloudy. Without that "cover", more sunlight reaches the bottom of the lake, which allows a lot of plant life (I'll get the name) to flourish and bloom. This yuck floats to the surface and to the beaches, and rots.

Problemo number two is that the sewage we dump provides...plant these "plants". (I think they let MMSD off the hook, and frankly, it made the report look like a PR collaboration.)

They called it a "cycle" for the lake. Meanwhile, volunteers scoop the crap out of the lake and beach. Stinkeroo.

Thankfully, they didn't send Chris Goodman to walk through the sludge. I mean, that would just be gross. Not that, uhm, it would change anything!


Blogger Nick said...

It actually reminds me of home... it smells like the ocean now with rotting seaweed... just without the salty mist in the air.

8:29 AM, juillet 27, 2006  
Blogger Dad29 said...

No mention of the friggin' seagulls, either, which certainly DO contribute to e-coli masses...

7:45 AM, août 05, 2006  

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