samedi, août 19, 2006

Fareed Zakaria Needs A Reality Check

h/t to one of my favorite bloggers, Hampton Stephens

Here is a link to his post which features an interview with environmentalist Bjørn Lomborg of Denmark. The interview is about which problems in the world we actually can fix for less money and see some result, compared to what's out of our control - "global warming".

Two things: I'm glad to see a somewhat influential UN-ish enviro talking about prioritizing problems according to what we can do about it in relation to return. And that we have much larger problems facing us than "global warming"

Secondly, Fareed Zakaria shows how passionately ignorant he is. You have to hear this guy talk about Al Gore's movie as a benchmark on the state of the global climate. But what's interesting is hearing this enviro tell him straight up "New York is not going to be under water".

So I ask - is there any chance we'll move toward this sense of prioritization. That the climate will take care of itself, while we take care of problems that actually exist?


Blogger tee bee said...

I'm sorry, Phel - I had to laugh at the rhetorical question at the end of your post.

Since we're talking Algore, I'll assume that when you ask if "we" are doing anything about global warming, you mean the American body politic. About whom I can only acknowledge a desire to accomplish reelection; all else is tautology.

10:52 PM, août 19, 2006  

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