dimanche, août 27, 2006

It's Time For A New Feature Here At The Confidentials

In the spirit of "I Just Felt Like Sayin' It", I present to you a new feature:

"Do You Understand the Words That's Coming Out Of Your Mouth"

Inaugural post is Ray Nagin, who was on 60 Minutes this evening:

"You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed, and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair"

That's in response to questions about why it's taking so long to make progress in New Orleans. Which kind of proves the point that throwing money at a problem doesn't solve it. Ok Ray, then let's be fair. Katrina was a natural disaster and we know what a city should look like . That hole in the ground, as you call it, was an f'ing terrorist attack. And uhm, last I checked, we weren't in the process of bidding out the entire city of New Orleans as a memorial. Get your ass to work.

It was one of those episodes where I had to remind myself that I couldn't have an argument with a television.

Or for that much, with Ray Nagin. Both have no actual intelligence. And really, who insults another group of victims to defend his own group of victims.

Maybe they should get Honore in there for Mayor. Stuck on Stupid.


Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Gotta love that. "You're stuck on stupid!"

Nagin is a turd. He is a racist, a name caller, a nasty individual and was somehow still reelected.

Which brings me to my next point. He was campaining for his reelection within the past year. When you are spending an inordinate amount of time on trying to get reelected, it's hard to perform your other duties. You know, like removing flood damaged cars from city streets.

11:06 AM, août 28, 2006  
Blogger Peter said...

Don't forget. Mayor Ray "School Bus" Nagin turned down an offer to remove the junk cars that would have done it in 15 weeks and left $5 million in the city's pockets in favor of a plan that still hasn't cleaned up the junk cars and will wind up costing the city $23 million.

For those of you who graduated from Racine Unified, that means it cost the city $28 million. From making $5 million to losing $23 million.

Nagin is a first-class turd merchant. Coco the Chimp would make a better mayor.

11:39 AM, août 28, 2006  

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