lundi, août 07, 2006

Mark Green Could Be On To Something

Courtesy of Brenda Love, here is a first-hand account of how well-recieved a tax free weekend is for the purchase of school supplies. Oh, the horrors of trickle-down economics!
Wow! It was a busy weekend. It was good ol' TAX FREE WEEKEND in North Carolina and every single person in the good State was at the mall. Jeans for school, shirts for school, underwear for school, school supplies....all of these were purchased. At Borders bookstore, I tried to convince the cashier that issues of Filter, Uncut and Classic Rock were required school reading for my daughter, who would soon be attending the Julliard School of Music.....but she wasn't buying my story. I had to pay the tax on the magazines. People were buying computers and laptops and software and dorm refrigerators and luggage and clothes, clothes, CLOTHES! The Dollar Store was offering everything tax free whether it qualified or not!

Now if only North Carolina would offer a Free Gas
And... I reckon Brenda is on to something... Ah!(gas tax)choo!

Hope you're reading this, Mark.


Blogger Casper said...

But it's a gimmick! A gimmick, I tell you!

Just as is the fact that milk and white bread are tax free!

9:38 PM, août 07, 2006  

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