vendredi, septembre 08, 2006

Another Major Part of The Problem in Milwaukee

In the latest parade of Ineffective People in Power (and those who want to be - Vince Bobot), Mayor Tom Barrett announced:

"We're not facing a crisis"

Does anyone else see a major problem here? Is anyone else's blood curdling at reading those words?

Two things immediately come to mind. Politicians become so removed from the real world that they can't even comprehend what's happening anymore. This is a huge benefit to those who want to influence them. Secondly, I heard a good quote yesterday. Many of the 911 appeasers are obviously so terrified of the situation that they deny there is a problem. They also want influence and are easily influenced.

Barrett, McCann't, Mike McGee, wimps on the County Board, Bobot who needs a job.... I'm sorry to say the smart people are not winning.

Oh, here's your doggie bag from this thought:

"I would not call it a crisis because we're going to deal with it"

Remind me to never ask Barrett's help again. You can't solve a problem you can't see.


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