mardi, septembre 05, 2006

Campaign Musings

Nothing like anger to bring you out of a funk.

Yesterday I was watching coverage of the Labor Day parades here in the city, and as we all know it was something of a clash of media expectations more than a clash of peoples. Either way, nothing happened except for a lot of yaps yapping. But something stood out. The camera was panning over the marching hispanic crowd, and I see a large banner being carried by two people above the crowd. It read: Peg Lautenschlager for Attorney General. As if we needed any confirmation.

Today I heard and saw two of the new Mark Greene ads. I saw the television ad first with regard to young talent leaving the state. What great news it is to see Greene using this issue - because it is an issue. Put stem cells aside for a second or two - this is what it's about. Do you know how difficult it is to lure talent to this state, let alone big business? Red Prairie is the one case who publicly made their case for their move. Other closings or moves were just attributed to NAFTA and evil big business. Back to luring talent. How does a company look at an effective and talented candidate across the country and say, yes, please come to Milwaukee. Tax equalization comes to mind.

Secondly, I heart the new radio ad by Greene. Not only because it's really funny, but because it's somewhat controversial - and true. Tonight Greene was on the news and said that if AB asks him to retract the ad, that he will. I heavily doubt that AB will ask him to do it, because they don't want to piss off any republicans. But I'm going to make a prediction here at The Confidentials: that either by leak or by freak, it will come out that a Doyle or PAC flunkie tentacle of Doyle will try to pay off AB to pressure Greene to retract. Anson, old buddy, are you around here somewhere?

Your pals on the east coast sure are.


Blogger The Big Pilot said...

Who or what is AB?

I know The AB, he posts a lot. He would never ask Green to pull one of his ads!

12:45 AM, septembre 06, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

You know... the company whose ad was 'ripped off'

4:54 AM, septembre 06, 2006  

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