samedi, septembre 09, 2006

The Making of Milwaukee

MPTV had a two-hour special about 15 years ago called "Milwaukee Between The Wars". It was an incredible and insightful snapshot of what the city was like within those years. It also included interviews with longtime Milwaukee residents, many of whom I'm sure aren't here anymore.

Now, in October they'll present a five hour series called The Making of Milwaukee. I'm absolutely tickled about this - I can't wait!!! I love seeing these images and the opportunity to see how many areas looked in their heyday. Some things I hope to see more of in this series:

The mansions on State Street - between 4th and 12th streets. Yes, it was all amazing mansions.

The neighborhood that was torn down to accomodate the freeway that is now Yankee Hill, and East Pointe. All those buildings are under our feet every time we walk through the Summerfest grounds.

The train stations at the East Pointe Pick 'N Save (and perhaps, the George Webb), and the station at the lakefront in the area now occupied by the War Memorial and Art Museums.

Old downtown is always fun to see. Especially the wooden buildings.

Schusters and the Grand

Highland Boulevard

One book that I really like is "Made in Milwaukee", which is an architecture book that explains all of the styles of buildings and homes in Milwaukee - right down to our duplexes, which many of the designs, believe it or not, originated here. You can see a lot of historical gems and images at the Historical Society of Milwaukee downtown.

I think if I were to go back in time, one of my priorities would be right here. There are other places and times, but I wouldn't want to miss this.


Blogger Aaron said...

Will they tell us where the elephant is buried at Summerfest?

9:45 PM, septembre 09, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

!!! I haven't heard that one! Is that the late Lucy?

3:47 PM, septembre 10, 2006  

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