vendredi, septembre 29, 2006

Some of the Best Years of My Life

Were spent at the Milwaukee Montessori school on 44th and Vliet. For many, many years afterward, it had been the only time that I was happy to go to school. At four years old I was reading, counting, speaking French, hanging out in groups with other children and working together. And, I had the most diverse group of friends. At the time, and at the age, there was no sense that anything was different between us.

And I learned quickly.

I changed to Normal School after first grade. I was lost. The kids acted differently than I was used to, I had to sit at a desk and listen. It wasn't long before I started zoning out during class, and I zoned out through eighth grade. All I wanted was to get through it. Why didn't I get it? I wasn't sure. Long gone was the feeling of wholeness. Long gone was a feeling of connectedness to the other students. And after a while, I forgot why I felt that way.

It took me a long time to think in linear terms. I still struggle with it. I like to fly by the seat of my pants and for the most part, I have been very successful since it sparks my creativity. Know what I want to do? I would love to have just a little time to go back to that approach. Perhaps it's too late for me. Or maybe I could revisit the principles... like timelines and plans. It may help with my new role at work, after all.

Because, you know, I hate lists.

The JS had an article about the Montessori approach. It just kind of brought it back once again. Something I had thought about more and more in the past year.

Not sure what my point is, or if I am trying to say that I'd like to reconnect with how I first learned how to learn. Think it's too late?

It's expensive, but I'd send my kids.


Blogger Josh Schröder said...

You only zoned out through eighth grade?

12:56 AM, octobre 01, 2006  

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