samedi, septembre 23, 2006

Whole Thrills

What's the easiest way to put this...

Whole Foods is a food shopping amusement park.

You've heard all about it I'm sure, but you can't appreciate it until you've been there. Really. It's one of those things where you don't know what you don't know.

Everything I have bought there has been:

- Fresh
- Tasty. As in flavorful
- Almost unexpected

I bought carrots and they tasted amazing. I bought a honeycrisp apple and it was incredible. Mom and I were looking at the white peaches and contemplating if we'd get one. The stock person said, "do you want to try one?" and of course, we're like oh no, that's okay. He took out a knife and sliced us both a piece. It was, you guessed it, amazing.

We went past the hot seafood bar which also had soups and stews. We stopped because we smelled something amazing and we were compelled to start sniffing until we found that it was Lobster Bisque.

After that we followed the lead of a couple who appeared to be from up north or out west. The wife asked him how they would case the joint. He said "First we'll start with the perimeter. Then, we'll hit the aisles".

How about the rest. I would like to express the rest in either a monologue or interpretive dance, but both would be embarrassing to you. And you'd be embarrassed for me. How about Tags?

Four inch scallops wrapped in bacon. Feta Pesto Bratwurst. Pizza bar. Plank Salmon. Taqueria. Forbidden Rice. Maple sugar. Valhrona chocolate slabs. Carne Asada. Bite size cakes. Olive bar. Insane amounts and varieties of cheese. Flourless cakes in small and large sizes coated in chocolate ganache. Hot soba noodles. Carrot and parsnip patties. Belgian chocolates. Yellow raspberries. Chilean Sea Bass. Mushrooms galore. Kombucha Tea. Real marshmallows. Pumpkin bread. Corn bread. Yeah.

Mom, did I forget anything? I mean, that will fit here?

Bottom line: Anything Outpost, Sendiks, or Pick 'n Save can do, Whole Foods can do better. Everything I've had just tastes better and is higher quality. But, and there's only one but: it's not cheap.

Next time, Mom and I are going to go to the wine bar first, so that we too can walk around with a glass of wine while we are doing our food shopping.

And park in the parking structure so we don't have to go out in the rain with our food.


Blogger buzz said...

Wait until Trader Joe's finally comes to town. They're just as good. But cheaper.

5:06 PM, septembre 24, 2006  
Blogger sliverthetomcat said...

Whole Foods is lovelyis heaven for those of us that are vegitarians.
A bit pricey but lovely just the same.

6:32 PM, septembre 24, 2006  
Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

But, is it a good place to pick up chicks like the metro mart?

3:52 PM, septembre 25, 2006  

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