dimanche, octobre 08, 2006

Boar in Mah Belly

So as you can all see, here at the Confidentials, in mah belly is a good place to be. I mean, they do claim that you stomach has intelligence, right?

Well well well. If it isn't Cabelas. Today I called my other brother to find out if he had plans to hit Cabelas this weekend. Why yes, he would. And in fact, so would the nephew. So we all put on our scarves and goggles and hopped in the Saab to head out to Richfield. Yes my friends, I'm sure that at some point my brother realized we'd be rolling into the parking lot in a euro car as opposed to a nice big truck. But as I was soon to see, the moment that you turn into the massive parking lot, all men are like deer in headlights. They are defenseless. Nobody even knew.

The Man Mall. That's how my brother put it. And so far I'm not sure there is a better description. For the record, it was truly a mall full of men. Outside there were displays of outdoor cooking, gore-tex, and even the UPS Nascar (before the new regulations).

It's a little strange to walk into a store where most of the clothes look the same. All camouflage, as in. I had a hard time finding childs or women's sizes but who could tell - they all looked the same.

Cabelas is set up beautifully - the main sections are an open area with garments, some equipment, and of course, outstanding dioramas - bears, antelope, wolves, mountain lions. On the perimiter are large subsections for duck hunting, guns, camping, game processing, fishing and other. Y'all, they had a gun library. This was an amazing feature - old, new, expensive and inexpensive. They had an aquarium that you walk through, other dioramas of hunting in africa, hunting in the US. I haven't even gotten to the upstairs yet.

So we spent a decent amount of time in the gun section. I tried on quite a few rifles, hoping that all of them would have the same feel as the SIG that Chris owns. Now in fairness, I tried on some really terrific rifles. No idea how they would perform, but it was good to get into a few of them. The brother bought ammo and discussed the next shotgun that he would buy for my nephew.

After hitting many of the sections on the first floor we went upstairs. Now, where else can you buy outdoors equipment and then go eat? Much less, have the selections of elk, venison, boar, and others? Here's a tip though: if you're not hungry to start with, don't try the samples. You'll be back in about 15 minutes for lunch. Which we did... boar in mah belly. With some honey mustard, lettuce, and provolone on whole wheat.

There was a whole other section upstairs including a general store and a "shooting range" that was full of animals and other items that moved and came out of hiding. I probably would have avoided the skunk.

Soon we had our fill. All in all we must have been there for 2.5 hours if not a little longer. I'm not capturing anywhere near the amount of things we saw or tried or bought. But I found out one thing for sure - blaze orange is hella expensive.

But the girly shirts that say Cabela's are about 17.95.


Blogger Kate said...

Nuts... we forgot all about the "grand opening". Poop! :)

10:11 PM, octobre 08, 2006  
Blogger Chris said...

damn I am jealous I haven't even made it to the new store yet. I did drop a wad at their website this week though. Every Cabelas I have been in blows me away. I love the gun library's here is a gun that cost $30,000 want to hold it to see how it feels Yes Yes I do lol.

Its cool that you had a good time Once you have been in a Cabelas store no Gander Mountain store ever feels good enough ;)

10:41 PM, octobre 08, 2006  
Blogger Nick said...

Hmm... I haven't been to that store yet. Every time I hear the name though, the first thing that pops into my mind is Kabbalah... which kinda freaks me out. Maybe its bad name association that's kept me away.

10:32 AM, octobre 09, 2006  

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