mardi, octobre 31, 2006

It Depends Upon What Kind of Load You're Gonna Drop

Dan Diebert shares an excellent email he recieved regarding hubub over a little Great Lakes Target Practice. When I read it, I might have laughed a little too hard for someone who sits in an open concept area, which is the first reason that this appealed to my Inner Geek:

Good morning Dan

I did a bit of research on the actual area that 3 tons
of lead would take up. Lead weighs 710 lbs per cubic foot. 3 tons of lead is 8.45 cubic feet, approximately 3/4 of a refrigerator full of bullets. Water weighs 62.425 lbs per cubic. I would assume that a cubic foot of poop weighs just as much as water, probably a little less. 3 tons of poop is 96.11 cubic feet, nearly 7 refrigerators full of poop. Lead is also less likely to float.

Have a great day

I think Aaron should consider doing a podcast with this guy. Who knows what else we could learn.


Blogger Neo-Con Tastic said...

He's quite "filled" with knowledge.

How does that go? BS, MS, and PhD?

9:56 PM, octobre 31, 2006  

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