mardi, octobre 03, 2006

No no no....

What a bunch of flipping dimwits.

How did I miss the fact that a "W" hotel won't be going in downtown, because the county voted for ANOTHER CONDO complex? To be fair it will also house other commerce but this is fricking stupid. A W hotel, people. This would have been an amazing statement about our city. But no, we had to have more condos. No we can't be a normal city. No all those things are too good for us. No it's gentrification and favors the evil rich. Well, wish away your revenue to the city. Wish away your high end hotel jobs. No thanks, sir, that's all too good for us. We don't need no stinking professional development at a high-end, good paying, networking opportunity of a hotel. Pfffft.

Downtown Milwaukee needs another condo like the road needs another Camry.

Idiots. All of them.

In the words of Cinnamon - I disapprove.


Blogger Casper said...

I can't even begin with how wrong this decision was. It was based on dollars and dollars alone.

Oh well.

10:07 AM, octobre 04, 2006  

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