jeudi, octobre 05, 2006

Vive La.... Molotov Cocktail?

France seems to be reaching their threshold.

The police have had enough. They're being attacked in the suburbs by gangs of North African Muslims - for police actions large and small. Police are requesting armored vehicles and "water cannons" to disperse crowds. Crowds meaning people (unemployed, btw) who all come running out of their housing units to the rescue when the Police arrest or otherwise ticket a fellow Muslim.

Attacks on police officers have increased by 1/3 in the past two years (2,500 officers injured). That's a lot of attacks. The police aren't safe even when patroling in small groups because even in groups, they're targets.

This is a big deal. These are the rioters protesting the government's changes in employment laws, these are the car burners. For the record I was in Paris during the anti-police riots. What shocked me was not only the amount of destruction for the fun of it, for the entertainment of rage et al, but the widespread cornering of the country. You couldn't travel on the trains into other cities without the fear that one might be derailed. And I really wanted to go to Normandy last time, but even there, they rioted.

During my visit in 1997 nearly every street corner had armed guards in uniform. They were very visibly armed too, with machine guns. There was a terrorist threat at the time, which they took seriously and without apology. This was the military of course and many pick on the French for their military but what I've seen is different. I know, I know...

But their police are castrated in comparison to their military. What you see is four officers crammed into a two door Renault. No lie. Now does that sound like a police force that's properly equipped? I wouldn't take the job. Even if the Euro is higher than the dollar. Oh, their police aren't fat, by the way. Even with all the croissants and cafe that your little law enforcement heart desires.


Blogger still Unreal... said...

Attacks on police officers have increased by 1/3 in the past two years (2,500 officers injured)

I love how the people on both sides are quick to consider men drowning after ingesting copious amounts of alcohol and falling in the river in LaCrosse the work of “serial killer” or “conspiracy” and yet are not alarmed by this stat.
Do they feel it’s justified and the police deserve it?

But their police are castrated in comparison to their military.

You were making a funny, right?
I mean…right?

8:48 AM, octobre 06, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Your comparison doesn't make sense to me. It IS outrageous that the police are being attacked.

On the military. My guess is that they were their national guard. They meant business, I was surprised.

8:56 AM, octobre 06, 2006  
Blogger still Unreal... said...

Its probably a stretch, but unemployed Muslim teens attacking the police in a country that loves to protect them just screams of “oh, yes, we’re coming to get all of you” to me.
Those that don’t see it, I think choose to be selective.

Or I’m a wacko.
Not ruling it out.

9:09 AM, octobre 06, 2006  
Blogger still Unreal... said...

Just seems that there is more evidence of the Muslim gangs wanting to take over a country rather than a killer in LaCrosse.
Thats all.

(please refer back to the "wacko" comment.)

9:12 AM, octobre 06, 2006  
Blogger Chris said...

Your comment on the French Military brings to mind two jokes

First I can sell you a great French Military rifle it has never been fired and only been dropped once ;)

And the famous Blackfive retort when a French General said the French AMX tank was better than the US M1-A1 B5 snorted "why do all four gears go in reverse" lol;)

But your right PJ the French need to get a handle on this even if it means using Military troops I dont believe the Euros have as many legal issues when it comes to stuff like that.

But they need to couple a greater show of force with being willing to deport the trouble makers or lock them up if they are french citizens. I understand the French actually have some antiterrorist laws that would make the ACLU and the left in our country wet themselves secret trials before military judges etc are legal if what I read was right.

final gun lesson for the day most likely those were not machine guns either assault rifles or submachine guns I will explain the diff next time we are on the range ;)

5:17 PM, octobre 06, 2006  

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