mardi, novembre 21, 2006

It Depends Upon What You Mean By "Budget"

As we speak, and you read, and I write, whatever, I'm looking for the Doyle ad that claims how he "balanced the budget". This was touted as one of the "Doyle's a great guy" brownie points in his ads.

So wtf happened in the last couple of weeks? How did we suddenly get a $1.6 billion deficit?

And when Doyle comes back to molest us with more/higher taxes, you know what I think should be done?

I think that we should start forwarding our tax bills to the tribes and contractors and other pinheads that have benefited from Doyle's administration. Seriously. Or file a class action lawsuit. Something that stinks as much as Doyle does.

Or here's another approach: he's not MY governor. Hell if I'm going to pay his taxes.


Blogger Chris said...

I love the latest Wisconsin Lib talking point your seeing all over in comments.

"Well its not really a deficit yet, its a projected deficit yada yada yada "

They are desperate to not have it look like Diamond Jim lied about the budget being balanced during the run up to the election.

9:10 PM, novembre 21, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

He's simply devoid of value. I don't know how he finds his way through life.

Perhaps he'll burn in hell?

9:18 PM, novembre 21, 2006  
Blogger Jay Bullock said...

There are some things you can trust Chris for--Klingon translations, for example--but not this. The budget that has a "deficit" is for the next biennium, a budget that has not been written yet, not been voted on, not been made law. There's a gap between what agnecies want and what we're projected to take in. It's like saying my family's budget is in deficit because I want a Prius but I can only afford a Cobalt.

Misleading headline notwithstanding, the current biennium is expected to end (by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, of all people) with a modest surplus.

7:42 AM, novembre 22, 2006  
Blogger still Unreal... said...

"The budget that has a "deficit" is for the next biennium.."

Hey, didn't ENRON do their accounting via projections?

9:19 AM, novembre 22, 2006  

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