mardi, novembre 14, 2006

An ode to plastic and paper

Paper and plastic go without clink,
or piles for days in the kitchen sink.

It's days like these, so busy bee
without a single moment free,
I pay homage to styro
and plastic and paper
whose portable purpose
and disposable nature
hath freed me from dobies
and dish soap and toil
and leaves me to work
concentration unspoiled.

It's busy time
again, I declare
the fewer the worries
and full head of hair
for disposable dishes can cease and desist
one less task
one less task on my list!

Open wide my trashcan
it's your turn to feeds....
c'mon my sweet
we all have our needs!
Flush away, flush away
you know the drill,
on dixie, on mardi gras
off to yon land fill!


Blogger Mike said...

We, the single ones, shunned by society and its "buy the first meal at the regular price and get a second meal for 50% off" paradigm, salute this ode to our lifestyle.

5:29 PM, novembre 15, 2006  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

What's that? I couldn't hear over the napkins and paper towels!

9:57 PM, novembre 16, 2006  

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