samedi, novembre 11, 2006

This, Over The Thomas Crowne Affair?


Sure took me a long time to wake up today and get out to the Download 2006. Then, on top of that, the Poor Woman's Cable (Channels 10/36) was showing the Thomas Crowne Affair.

It was really great to see other bloggers again, and some for the first time. All apologies for leaving so soon, but I needed to get a move on by 2:00. And, I kind of had to agree with Ace Reporter Huckleberry Dumbell - it was just a little too soon. This was reflected in quite a few of the conversations, I think. But you know, for all the bitter garbage you see on TV, portraying the Hatfields-and-McCoys battle of liberal vs. conservative, it's good to see that most of us can get together and have a civil if not enlightening time.

Thanks to Boots and Sabers and One Wisconsin for today's events.

See you all for the ho ho ho version of DR....


Blogger Sean Hackbarth said...

At least everyone liked my t-shirt.

You missed the post-conference (the download download?) eat-and-drink.

I too caught a bit of the Thomas Crowne Affair. Faye Dunaway was quite crafty. It's my fave Steve McQueen movie--at least until I finally see The Great Escape. And don't get me started about how overrated Bullit is.

10:31 PM, novembre 11, 2006  

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