mardi, décembre 26, 2006

Brand New Funk

I'm a day late on this and not feeling guilty about it, but I couldn't let the passing of James Brown go unmentioned. I won't go too far into a commentary, because there are so many things that can be said about the life, the music, the genius of James Brown. He is rightfully named as one of the most influential artists of our time. He invented funk. I remember watching a special on JB one time and one of this former musicians from the 60's was talking about one time in the studio where James was sort of singing/rapping out the tune and the timing for a song he wanted to compose. What struck this musician was James needing to say, "stick with me on this - I know it sounds funny right now but you'll see what I mean once it's together.

People who are talented and creative in the true sense of the terms, are inspiring. Each of us has had contact in our real lives with people who have inspired us not because we want to be as cool as they are, but because we remember how others' creations have made us feel. In the case of the musician it's the formation of song and lyric and whatever-that-is that glues it together - it comes out of their soul and into ours and we can feel it. That's what inspires us, that's what makes us want to be great, regardless of what that "it" is. We are inspired and affected by them because we want to do that, too.

So I wanted to share some of my favorite James Brown songs. There are plenty more but there's just so much space:

The Payback
Super Bad
Papa Don't Take No Mess
Get on the Good Foot

But the one song that actually introduced me to James Brown and got me interested by the sheer power of it was the Old Landmark from the Blues Brothers soundtrack (which, IMHO, is a better vocal performance than the movie version).

And, I can't let this post go by without posting one of the most memorable, James Brown-inspired clips, ever:

Rest in peace, sir. I know you won't because what ever your feet are now won't sit still, but for what it's worth, thanks :)


As Brother Mav would say, "don't be lost when the time comes"

well, well, well....


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