mardi, décembre 26, 2006

Dear Mayfair Mall

You might want to give the City of Wauwatosa a gift for Christmas: close the theater.


Blogger Patrick said...

It's a shame, but you are right. That theater is probably the cause of 75% of their problems.

8:47 AM, décembre 27, 2006  
Blogger Pete Fanning said...

I was there last night, granted it wasn't the weekend but school IS out and there were alot of teens in the mall proper itself.

My ex and I went to a screening of "Night at the Museum" and noticed absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. There were two guards posted at the entrance that I saw and at least one on the inside.

I wouldn't condemn it just yet, however I'd reserve judgement pending a real visit on a weekend.

7:38 AM, décembre 28, 2006  

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