lundi, décembre 18, 2006

If It Works For WPIX

It'll work for me!


Blogger Nick said...

This reminds me of Christmas in California actually. My family was from Wisconsin, and my mom loved having a fire in the fireplace at Christmas. And of course our house in California had a fireplace. The problem was that in California at Christmas, it's still warm. I always wore shorts... like 365 days a year.

But my mom insisted on having a fire in the fireplace. So once a year she'd light that fire, and we'd have to open up all the doors and windows in the house just so we could stand to stay inside.

This would have made it a lot easier.

8:31 AM, décembre 18, 2006  
Blogger Aaron said...

I just got marshmallow all over my screen.

7:20 PM, décembre 22, 2006  

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