jeudi, décembre 21, 2006

Some Grown-Ups Are Still Demanding a Train Under The Tree

It's about time that the real motivations for getting a choo-choo in the area get out into the open. Clearly when someone won't give up, there's something in it for them. It ain't for the peoples, it's for someone else. Someone who is pimping out the whole rail thing.

The JS has a story this morning about the "new" Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority's proposal for a tax to finance a commuter rail line. First, ok, c'mon, stop counting your chickens (you clucks). (And while you're at it, take the word "Authority" out of your name because you're not responsible for anything, like normal people...) Back to my point. They want to propose this tax to take the burden off cities for their embattled bus lines:
"The plight of the Milwaukee County Transit System - and to a lesser extent, its Racine and Kenosha counterparts - as competition for limited property tax revenue continues a cycle of fare increases and service cuts. Some public officials, riders and bus drivers have pressed for a dedicated revenue source to protect the buses that tens of thousands of people ride to work and school every day."
Now, what strikes me here? We are going to propose a tax, to finance buses, so we can eventually have trains. You can deduct that from the story. But I have news: they think we have revenue problems just to support the buses, that's nothing - wait until we have trains in the mix. Of course if we have trains, we could get rid of the buses which we can't afford apparently, and the just extend the train lines.


Light rail.


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