jeudi, janvier 04, 2007

Creativity Is A Fickle Little Beast

How so?

I can be working on a project for weeks and be stumped on the right presentation of the item, especially at a visual level.

Then, blam. It's 30 minutes to the print deadline and suddenly, the most ingenious layout or design idea will come to me. I put it to paper or to e-paper or mpeg and it's a winner. Better yet, it's better than I thought. Better than that, everyone is tickled and wondering why it couldn't have happened sooner.

I confess, I wonder too.


Blogger Chris said...

pressure is the greatest motivator in the world isnt it. It is like in college I never did a paper until a couple of day before it was due. lol

6:58 AM, janvier 05, 2007  

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