mardi, janvier 23, 2007

It's Either Genius Or....

...the JS doesn't have enough brain power to write about anything more complicated than the "Man Chair" at the mall.

Although, I do feel for those guys. I mean, I never understood women hauling their man around to events of no interest to them. Personally, I'd be livid if someone wasted that much time out of my day. That would be written in the Death Do Us Part Clause.


Blogger Nick said...

What's even funnier is that it's in the "Enterntainment" section, when in reality the whole process is the antithesis of entertainment if you're the poor sap doing the sitting.

8:17 AM, janvier 23, 2007  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Once a year (maybe twice) I am forced to journey into Brookfield Square.

Fortunately, the trip from parking-lot-space, through the center, to the store, and return only takes about 30 minutes each time I go.

My (much) better half cannot comprehend this, as it is impossible for her to even THINK in 30-minute increments-of-shopping, much less in only ONE of those.

I call it "target shopping."

10:31 AM, janvier 23, 2007  
Blogger Nick said...

That is how men shop. We have a list of items we want and the locations where those items can be found. We then proceed to said location, buy the aforementioned items, and walk away.

11:57 AM, janvier 23, 2007  

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