vendredi, janvier 05, 2007

The Pizza Man Was Not To Be Trifled With


The pizza delivery man done shot back
. Literally. Well you know what I think?

Good for him. 'bout damn time.


Blogger Dad29 said...

This could be another Screechin'Shirley case.

And THIS one will involve carrying while in a car, if that's one of the charges made by the DA.

Generally speaking, having a gun in a car is considered "concealed carry" in Milwaukee (not in, say, Hayward or Rhinelander.)

The SC has already ruled that having a concealed weapon in the place of business is constitutional, as is having one at one's home.

Now they may be force to admit that under the WI Constitution (as amended) it is constitutional to carry concealed in a car (given the "fear for life" test.)

Mnnnnnnnnnngood. Eat that birdshit, Shirley!

11:20 AM, janvier 06, 2007  

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