lundi, janvier 01, 2007

Would I Do It Again?

Well, not right this second I wouldn't.

So yes, the polar bear jump did go on this morning. I woke up kind of late, and almost didn't make it. Not only because I woke up late, but there was absolutely no place to park at the lakefront. By all means, Nick, Aaron and company, and I should have planned a carpool!

That way we all could have made the jump together.

After parking illegally I did find Nick at about 11:50 (the jump was at noon), which was a miracle because there must have been a couple thousand people on the beach. And not a Barack Obama couple thousand - when I say it I'm being conservative about the number - there were a LOT of people.

We worked our way close to the front and the shoes were about the last thing to come off. The air was about 35, the water was at Nick's research - 37. We got up to the water and without the whistle - people started running in to the lake. So there was no cue, just an unspoken "go". When my foot hit the water it didn't really feel that bad. No worse than it does any other day of the year. Then we got further out, and further, and further. I was screaming but to be honest, I couldn't feel how cold the water was. It was a lot like swimming in lake superior, in that once you turn blue, it's not so bad.

People were diving in around us and we did too eventually. We started back after that, and as I turned around all I saw were people running toward us into the lake which was a little scary. What must have been scarier was how wide my eyes were open. I latched on to Nick's arm and figured out that that was the only way I would get back in to shore. It was then that I realized that if something happens to you out in that water, you're really in trouble.

When reading the above it would appear that I remember a lot about what happened but to be honest, I don't. I know the water was cold but not how cold it was, I know my body was freaking out but what that means, who knows. What I remember is hyperventilating on the way back in, and Nick saying, "Whatever you do, don't look to the right". Maybe he will explain what that means.

One thing is for sure, the polar jump takes a lot out of you. But you should try it at least once. I'm extraordinarily glad that I had the chance to do it. Thanks to everyone who answered my bleg to join, and I'm sorry that we didn't all make it in together. Maybe I can make it up to you at the next DR! And Nick is very brave, he had a big baby on his hands to deal with.


Blogger Aaron said...

Sorry we missed you. Wait until you see the video!

4:52 PM, janvier 01, 2007  
Blogger Patrick said...

Awww man! I would have brought my video camera!

6:28 PM, janvier 01, 2007  
Blogger Kate said...

Ummm...have y'all lost your minds? It was COLD out there! LOL Well, I'm glad y'all survived to tell about the experience. :)

10:12 PM, janvier 01, 2007  

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