samedi, février 10, 2007

Another Tool For Mayfair Mall

Patrick blogged about new limits on youths at Mayfair Mall after 9:00 p.m., which will be implemented in spring. You can read the whole story at Jsonline.

As Patrick notes - here is the lead-in:
"Mayfair Mall plans to implement a parental escort policy in the spring that is likely to limit the number of young people who congregate there, officials said Friday. Yet to be determined are the ages of the teens who will be affected and the hours it will be in effect."
I read the story and they want to implement it after 9:00 p.m. They're hoping it will bring people back to the mall. Note to administrators: I do most of my shopping in the afternoon or if its' in a safe place, after work. So why don't you try starting this at 5:00?????

Now for la piece de resistance of the story - especially because the brilliant Mayor Estness thought of it first:
"Wauwatosa Mayor Theresa Estness, who first proposed the policy as part of a Mayfair advisory board in 2003, called it "another tool" for addressing behavioral problems at the mall."
There's another tool involved here, I'll give you that much. Although I'd usually refer to a guy as a tool.....

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Blogger Chris said...

I don't know understand the resistance to the no teens after a certain time rule.

The MOA in Minneapolis has had this type of rule for long time has not hurt their business

The worse mistake they made was adding on that Movie theater.

I cannot wait till Oconomowoc gets their new mall built

9:59 AM, février 10, 2007  

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